Lentil as Anything – A place where everyone deserves a place around the table

13 years ago in St Kilda began the success story that is Lentil as Anything. At the time its founder, the Sri Lankan born Shanaka Fernando was living in a tent. By choice I might ad.  Today Lentil as Anything serves around 7000 meals a week in 3 different locations around Melbourne. It is more than just a restaurant. It’s an establishment, a community. Created of a unique financial model that center around the values of trust, generosity and respect. And after 13 years in the game, I guess we can all agree that it seems to be working pretty well. Maybe there is some hope for humanity after all…

Pay as you feel

They serve up simple, organic vegetarian food. The savory Japanese pancakes, also known as Okonomiyaki, (try saying that five times in a row…) are particularly good.  

The lovely people working at Lentil As Anything are dedicating their free time because they wish to make a difference. And they are not getting a penny. From a gastronomic point of view it may not be an out of body experience. But it is made with pure love. And the main reason I like it, is not because I can pay whatever I feel, I like it because of the atmosphere that having no set prices creates. The whole place just got an amazingly relaxed vibe and as I’m sure you can imagine a place with no set prices attracts a very interesting mix of people…and I love it!

Dinner with friendsLentil As Anything


3 thoughts on “Lentil as Anything – A place where everyone deserves a place around the table

    • I know it is truly great! I have yet to try out any of the other locations though, something to put on the list of things to do before leaving Melbourne for this time around.

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