3 iconic things to do on a lazy summer day in Melbourne

For more than 3 months now I’ve been living in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city and culture capital, with its many art galleries, extensive live music scene, green parks, and an almost snobbish coffee culture it’s not hard to see why.

Melbourne Southbank

Many of its 4 million residents are both multicultural and sports-mad. It all starts with the Spring racing carnival with the world-famous Melbourne cup held in November. A massive dress up party, all about hats and Champagne. And maybe a little bit of horse racing…Cricket is the big summer sport, a game I have yet to understand and learned to appreciate…Help please!

Come january it is tennis time, and world-class players take on the courts of Melbourne for the Australian Open Grand slam tournament. In March the city hosts the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, in Albert Park. Then there is of course the AFL (Australian football league) which will make most Aussies go crazy.

To sum it up, Melbourne truly is a vibrant city, and there always seems to be something happening. And the city seems to put up a festival for pretty much everything…Especially in the summer. Which is just a great time for getting together, enjoying the weather (most of the time), and celebrating life in general.

…And nothing screams Melbourne summer more than a moonlight cinema. So bring your friends, a blanket, and a nice picnic and enjoy an evening under the stars in the beautiful Royal Botanical Garden while watching the next new film or maybe an old cult classic. And make sure to buy your tickets online, it will save you money you won’t risk disappointment at the door. Running from 6th december to 31st of march.

But Melbourne being Melbourne there are of course a range of other outdoor cinemas to choose from. Why not check out the Ben & Jerry’s open-air cinema on St Kilda beach. Featuring live music, licensed bar and free ice-cream on Sundays for their ‘Sundae Sessions’ this is truly fantastic. Running from 2nd December until the 6th of January

Another iconic outdoor cinema is at the Rooftop bar on Swanston Street, as the name suggests, it’s located on the roof of Curtin House. Chill on deck chairs and enjoy a film, a nice cocktail at the bar while the sun sets over the skyscrapers.

St Kilda Twilight Market

If you happen to be in Melbourne on a thursday evening during the summer, head to the the St Kilda Twilight Market to get the essence of St Kilda. Beautifully set in the heart of St Kilda, beneath the palm trees besides Luna Park. It is a place to meet, eat, enjoy and share. Maybe buy some vintage clothes, watch people playing with fire or dance the night away to the beat of bongo drums. A terrific way to spend a summer evening!

Beer Gardens

Nothing tastes as good on a hot summer day as a cold beer. And who doesn’t like a lazy sunday session? The Australian sure do! Unfortunately one of the most popular and iconic beer gardens in the city, the Belgian Beer Café on St Kilda rd is currently closed for renovation as it will be expanding. Interesting, interesting…Lucky though that Melbourne doesn’t exactly have a shortage of venues when it comes to enjoying a cold one in the sun with some great tunes. Been spending quite a few Sundays at College Lawn, in Prahran myself. If you want something slightly more inspiring than your everyday beer garden then check out People’s market in Fitzroy. A place with everything from a great bar to street food vendors to workshops, art exhibitions and vintage clothes. A great mix of people and the venue is as hip as the rest of Fitzroy!


2 thoughts on “3 iconic things to do on a lazy summer day in Melbourne

  1. Even though Melbourne’s a three hour flight away from me I haven’t been there yet! Your post makes me want to find an excuse to cross the ditch for a long weekend – love the sound of the twilight market.

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