A new year, a new adventure

So another year has passed. A year filled with new adventures, encounters, and newfound friendships. During the past year I’ve visited 7 countries, I tried kiteskiing, with little success I’m afraid…I visited 3 concentration camps within one week , road tripped thru Poland and Ukraine and survived 10 days sharing a tent with three big smelly guys in 35° heat during the EURO 2012, I got to welcome my new nephew, Harry to the world, and during nearly 3 months of playing family I also confirmed once again that I’m more of a dog person…I carved my very first pumpkin, saw my first baseball game  and experienced the legendary Bob Dylan perform live at the Santa Barbara bowl. I had one of the worlds greatest and craziest chefs Mr Marco Pierre White yell at me  on Australian TV and for the first time ever I had something stolen from me at a hostel in Melbourne…what I miss those flip flops…

2012 was also the year I started blogging, and now I also realise that I do have quite a few blog post that should have been written during the past year…maybe that is something to try to improve in 2013…

The truth is that have no idea what this year will bring. And it’s just the way I like it! Although I do have a few things that I’d like to cross of my bucket list…so I’m sure I’ll keep myself busy.

Wishing you all an amazing 2013 and remember, Life is Short. Live your Dream and Wear your Passion.



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