Having somewhere to call home for a while is not all that bad

7 weeks in Melbourne already. Even if I can’t deny that my feet are itching a little bit, there are also some things I really appreciate with sticking around in the same place for a while. It’s quite nice to feel like I’ve started to know my way around the city. Feeling a bit like a local in a way, going to the gym on a regular basis, finding a few regular watering holes for those lazy sunday sessions with a group of friends that you started to know beyond all the ”first time questions”. Yes staying put definitely has its perks!

At first the ”big city life” was a bit of a shock, and even though I find big cities fascinating in a way, I guess I’m just not really a big city kind of girl. But I feel like I’ve gotten used to it. And started to appreciate the city life more and more each day. And Melbourne truly is a vibrant place! There is so much going on all the time in this multicultural mecca of Australia. So much new to discover every day that it’s almost overwhelming.

And eventually I’ve also found more of a permanent base for my time here that a 8 bed dorm. I scored the most amazing little house ever, with my two housemates also being chefs its hard to go wrong…we got a little veggie garden, a hammock and home style espresso machine. I got the tram stop just outside my door that in 20 min will take me in to the CBD and about 200 meter to the beach. It feels like a home. And for now that is exactly what I need. Even though I still visits my old hostel from time to time…drink some goon and chat with other travellers.

How long I will stick around Melbourne for is very uncertain, depending on a lot of things, and my mind keeps dreaming about undiscovered places, wildlife and saltwater breaks. So it is inevitable that the road will call me back sooner rather than later. And knowing that I’ll soon will be wandering the unknown again gives me some peace in mind to enjoy what I have right here and now.

St Kilda


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