About to celebrate my second green Christmas

I’ve been travelling just over 2 years now, crazy how time flies…Some days it feels like yesterday I boarded that plane to New Zealand and some times it feels like another life time ago. A lot of people ask me if I don’t miss home? Of course I do, some days…but, honestly most of the time I’m far too busy meeting new people, discovering new places and having the time of my life that I don’t even have time to miss things about home.

However heading into Christmas gets me thinking about home more and more frequently. Seeing friends and family posting pictures on Facebook of mountains of snow, gingerbread houses and roaring fires makes me longing for a piece of that. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, and it hurts me not being home with my loved ones, drinking glögg, making chocolate truffles and play outside in the snow with my dog…

My first Christmas away from home was in 2011, that year I spent it in Raglan, on the west coast of the north Island of New Zealand. I went surfing in the morning and then we had a massive Christmas dinner at the hostel I was staying in. It was a great day/night. But it just didn’t feel quite as Christmas…Even with the finish girl working at the hostel baking Gingerbread cookies. Bless her!

Christmas TurkeyGingerbread CookiesChristmas on the beach

Last year I came home from Asia to a winter wonderland 2 weeks before Christmas. Determined to make up for not being home the previous Christmas, and make this one the best ever! I made a gingerbread house, a vide range of candy, I pickled herring, cured salmon, smoked fish and even made some paté. But then just a few days before Christmas my beloved uncle passed away after two years of fighting cancer. Suddenly the holiday carols seemed less joyful, the snow not quite as white and the Christmas candy not as sweet. It was not the best Christmas ever.

When I interviewed for my new job a few weeks ago one of the questions that came up was whether I would be able to work on Christmas. Sure I said, I might as well.  I mean I would rather that the people who actually live here fulltime and have their families here gets to spend Christmas with them. So that is what I’m doing this Christmas ladies and gents -working!

A lot of the times I have to remind myself that it’s actually December, with 30 degrees outside and strawberries growing in my backyard it’s just doesn’t feels like it. But when I came home the other night after a 14h shift and found this lovely tree in our living room I did feel a bit of the holiday spirit. It might just be Christmas after all…even if the grass is green and my family are half a world away.

Christmas Tree


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