5 things that annoys me in the U.S.

The past few weeks since leaving California have been a good time for reflections and I thought it would be about time to share with you the little ”hate list” of things that has annoyed me about the U.S. that I’ve been writing in my head for the past 10 weeks.

Money– Why does all U.S. dollar notes look the same? All the same size and the same greenish colour. It takes twice as long to pay just cause I need to inspect whether it’s a 10 or a 20 dollar note that I’m handing over. So annoying… And what’s up with never getting any bigger notes than twenties when your making a withdraw from an ATM. And don’t even get me started on the coins….almost as bad as in the UK were your wallet feels as heavy as a brick cause of all the freaking coins. But I guess compared to Indonesia were I was walking around with millions in my pocket it’s nothing, or in the Ukraine where you could never be 100 % sure that there would actually be any money to withdraw from the ATM.

Hidden taxes and fees- This is particularly shit!! In most countries the tax is already included in the advertised price. Just to make it easy for everyone. And to avoid any embarrassment in the register. In the U.S. they have chosen the more complicated way by adding up the taxes in the register. So you always get a bit of a surprise when its time to pay…

Then there’s the tipping. Don’t even get me started on this…Working in hospitality myself I much appreciate getting tipped, I mean who doesn’t? But I strongly belive it should be optional. I don’t like tipping if the food was cold, the meat overcooked and the waiter spilled red wine on my trousers. But I’ll be happy to tip when it’s well deserved.  America – up your wages and pay your people what they are worth. Although the good side of it, is that most of the time the service in America is impeccable.

Car built up society- This is one of the things that was hardest for me to get use to. Having to drive everywhere.  I’m use to walking or possible biking to where I’m going, which is pretty freaking hard to do in America. Especially since there’s hardly any street lights, so if you do decide to walk you better bring a flashlight.

Stop signs- I’ve lost count of the millions of stop signs there are in the U.S. So not the way to make the traffic run smoothly when you have to stop at every fucking crossing, even on the tiniest little roads where there’s hardly any traffic! And it’s even worse when they have the stop sign in the big crossings, where there are loads of cars coming from every direction, how are you suppose to keep track of who was there first?

What annoys you most about the U.S.?


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