Back to the land down under

More than 2 weeks has past since I left sunny California, some 26 hours, 3 flights and numerous cups of shit coffee later I’m yet again finding myself in Melbourne. And it feels great! Although I doubt my liver feels the same…After 3 months of healthy California living with morning runs on the beach, organic veggies, surfing and yoga, the hostel life must come as a chock for my body. Top Pinot Noir has been replaced by cheap red wine, commonly referred to as goon, and the morning runs have turned into sleep-ins.


Hostel life

Hostel life

Hostel life

As always the hostel environment is the perfect spot to meet cool people, and I’ve also manage to catch up with a few old friends that I’ve made during previous trips. But having started working changes things. Yes, you heard me correctly, after almost 7 months without an income I’m now back to working life. I’ve started working for an event agency, which suits me well, it basically means I control my own hours and can work as much or as little as I please. Although, at the moment my economic situation requires me to put in quite a few hours.Which is why the blogging might have to suffer for a while…When you get home late at night and needs to get up early for your next shift, sharing a dorm with 8 other people is suddenly not as appealing anymore… so the look for a more permanent base have begun. And let me tell you, finding accommodation in Melbourne is not a piece of cake…


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