My first real Halloween experience

I’ve always been a big fan of the holidays, no matter what’s celebrating it’s a time for tradition, and each country has their very own, heck even every family. And celebrating a holiday in a new country makes me feel like I get to know it a bit better.

Back home Halloween doesn’t really exist, at least not in the crazy form that it does over here in the U.S. were people turn their gardens into graveyards, with skeletons hanging from the trees and spider web in the bushes. Our neighbours even got their very own smoke machine…My brother, who spent a high school year over on the east coast, told me that 2 weeks before Halloween no one under 30 was allowed to by eggs in the supermarket, apparently egging people’s houses is a common trick…or was he just playing me a trick and making that up?

In Sweden Halloween is simply another excuse to get drunk, and possibly dress up. At least if you happen to be going to Uni, otherwise Halloween just pass most people by, without any fuss.

Spider webHalloween

Growing up I’ve never carved a pumpkin, nor have I dressed up in a funny costume ringing strangers doorbell asking for candy. Although Easter in Sweden does have some similarities…

So earlier this week I went to my first pumpkin patch, ran around in the corn maze, ate kettle corn and of course, bought some pumpkins. And what better way to carve my very first pumpkin than doing it with family and a new found friends. So we threw a pumpkin carving party! I made a spicy coconut pumpkin soup and baked some pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese lemon frosting, my sister made hot apple cider, and her husband made the most delicious roasted salted chili nuts ever!

Pumpkin patchCupcakes

We had such a great, and I had no idea that it was so much fun to carve pumpkins! Can’t believe what I’ve been missing! It’s a tradition I’m definitely taking with me, although depending where I’ll be next year for Halloween it might be slightly harder to find a pumpkin nearby, but I’ve seen pictures online with people carving watermelons instead…

Pumpkin carving

Pumpkin carving

And with all that preparing for Halloween it was really only one thing left, to dress up and go trick or treating!

Halloween PirateHalloween PirateCurious GeorgeHalloween Vampire

3 thoughts on “My first real Halloween experience

  1. YAY! So glad you had a chance to experience Halloween the American way! I totally miss Halloween since I’m here in Sweden. It was always so much fun when I was growing up in the States. 🙂

    • Yes me too Liz, definitely an experience! And I’m a bit sad that I couldn’t stick around for Thanksgiving as well. Although now when you’re in Sweden you get to experience our holidays, and it’s just a few weeks until Lucia;)

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