Go With The Flow

The feeling after I’ve booked a flight ticket is just as thrilling every time. Knowing there is another big adventure ahead is addictive! When I went on my first big solo trip in November 2010 it was also a bit scary, not knowing what lies ahead. Now it is just exciting!

And than there is the planning…Sometimes it can be half the fun. Well almost…Actually to be honest I dislike planing, or I’ve given up. My plans never seems to work out anyways. And not having a fixed plan makes me keep the feeling of freedom that is one of the main reasons that I wanted to go travel in the first place.

All my life I’ve always been very good at planning ahead. I liked having control, knowing what was ahead and what to expect. So it was a bit of a challenge at first, not having a plan. I wanted a change in my life and a big part of that was realizing that I couldn’t control everything. And after a while on the road I got used to it, and before I knew it I couldn’t imagine ever traveling with an itenerary.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have any kind of plan at all! Having a rough idea on where you want go and what you want to see and do is always a good thing. But please follow my advice and leave some room in your plan to just go with the flow.

I try to do a lot of research on places I’m going to, or maybe places I’m still just dreaming about. (I do a lot of dreaming…) Guide books are great in that sense. They give you a rough overview on what your new destination has to offer. But don’t just follow the guide book like some kind of Bible. Some of the most exciting places out there are the places you won’t find in your everyday guide book. So talk to the locals and you’ll get so much more out of your experience. And don’t forget all useful tips from the fellow travelers your meeting along the way, or maybe through a travel forum. I guess that goes without saying.

Sometimes the lack of planning ends up with me spending a bit more money than I probably would have if I had booked that bus ticket online instead of just showing up and when it comes to flight tickets booking far in advance is the key. But seriously what is the fun in that? If I get a real feel of a place I want to have the option to stay put for a while and just enjoy it, and if you are having a good time with some really cool people why not just go with them for a while? Stay committed to your decisions, but always remain flexible in your approach.


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